Cesar Uylangco

Cesar Uylangco - Financial PlannerEmail: cesar@upfp.com.au

Cesar has been providing strategic advice to individuals, business owners and professionals since 2007; first as an adviser with Westpac/BT and then with AMP and more recently with RI Advice. Cesar and Kellie established UP Financial Planners in 2017 to provide financial advice and support to their clients on the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay.

“My key focus is placing our clients’ needs at the centre of our services and helping people work towards their long-term goals and financial security.”

Cesar has earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Rutgers University in the USA from where he originates. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and is an Associate member AFP® of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Cesar has been married to Katherine for over 20 years and has two young children who attend Sunshine Coast Grammar School. “Raising a young family keeps Katherine and I quite busy but our children also give us a balanced perspective on life which we enjoy.”

Cesar’s advisor profile can be downloaded here.